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"My mother fell asleep, and this time she slept with no nightmares, she had no insomnia, in the early hours she threw up and fell asleep again, still fully dressed, and because Tsvi and Haya were beginning to suspect something, they sent for an ambulance a little before sunrise, and two stretcher bearers carried her carefully, so as not to disturb her sleep, and at the hospital she would not listen to them either, and although they tried various means to disturb her good sleep, she paid no attention to them, or to the specialist from whom she had heard that the psyche is the worst enemy of the body, and she did not wake up in the morning either, or even when the day grew brighter, and from the branches of the ficus tree in the garden of the hospital the bird Elise called to her in wonderment and called to her again and again in vain, and yet it went on trying over and over again, and it still tries sometimes."
Amos Oz, from A Tale of Love and Darkness, translated by Nicholas de Lange (thanks, thethingswhichwilldestroyme)
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Shu Takumi’s new Ace Attorney for the 3DS has been revealed, and it’s a doozy: Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken (Grand Ace Attorney - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke).
Set in the Meiji period of Japan, it follows Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, who is described as Phoenix’s ‘forefather’. Ryuunosuke is described as having a burning sense of justice and being danger-prone - just like Nick. Things don’t change after a century!
More info and scans as they come in! Thanks to RyougaSaotome of GAF for the initial news and Nintendo Everything for the scan.
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"Actually, I formed a battery with Miyuki-senpai before. That was also the reason why I decided to come to this school."
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